Mars training

Mars Training

Start your online marketing and sales yourself.
Mars Training

Welcome aboard this shuttle!
Your ultimate destination is MARS: where marketing and sales are perfectly aligned. 

During this online training, you will explore the levers for your plans and dreams as an entrepreneur. You will learn techniques and steps to integrate marketing and sales. You learn to work together as a team and develop a plan to grow your business.




Online marketing offers unprecedented opportunities but also has many pitfalls. As an entrepreneur or classically trained marketer it is often difficult to find your way around the abundance of tools and possibilities, which are changing ever faster.

We provide a digital marketing strategy that works and keeps working.







How do you make online sales? Make people sign up for your events? That your customers order your products? Or that your prospects find you and contact you for cooperation?

We set concrete conversion goals and make it as easy as possible for your audience to order from you.




We speak of a conversion every time one of your leads or customers moves a step further in your integrated marketing and sales funnel.

We keep a close track of the conversions of your leads and customers so we can continuously optimize your carefully constructed funnels.



  • How do you get customers to find you on the search engines?
  • How do you reach customers through online campaigns and ads?
  • How do you engage customers on social media? Who is involved in that?
  • Which off- and online channels do you use? Are they aligned with each other? 
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What are the objectives of your communication plan?
  • What tools do you use? Blog, podcasts, video, ...
  • How does your online marketing align with your sales



Module 1: Strategy

  • The integrated marketing and sales funnel
  • Persona: Who is your customer?
  • Customer journey: What route does your customer take?
  • Marketing actions and tools

Module 2: The online offer

  • What do you have online today?
  • You have more online content than you think!
  • The value ladder
  • Positioning your digital offering in the funnel
  • The Brain Pirates' as an effective example of integrated online marketing
  • A few important points of attention
  • EVA: What is your next action?

Module 3: Content

  • Which channels do you use?
  • Content planning

Module 4: Target audience

  • How do you reach your target audience?
  • How do you create involvement?

Module 5: Online video & Podcasting

  • Why video?
  • The importance of a quality audio recording
  • Demo 1: Limit disturbing background noise
  • All you need to know about lighting
  • Demo 2: Make sure you have clear lighting
  • Recording equipment need not be 'expensive
  • Livestream: an interesting marketing tool
  • A well-organised set-up is key to a successful shoot
  • Demo 3: Be consistent with the decoration of your setup
  • Demo 4: Choose a neutral recording background
  • Demo 5: Think carefully about your set-up
  • The scenario: what will you say?
  • Post-production: best practices
  • The content machine
  • On which online platforms can you place your video?


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